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Centara Chaan Talay Resort & Villas Koh Lao Ya

We hope to take about 4-5 hours drive from BKK. It is 45 kilometers (35 minutes) from Trat and 42 km before the border. It is probably the quietest in the section of a picturesque country road (brilliant for mountain biking!), Which runs parallel to the sea and a small ridge of Cambodia and Thailand border and 2 km upstream of Checkpoint Charlie at the Cross Red (where Cambodian refugees when they are poured over the border into Thailand during the fighting 30 years ago, check it out - worth the effort).

Centara Chaan Talay Resort & Villas Koh Lao Ya Thailand Expect a very quiet holiday as there is not much to see and do in the area; daytrip to Trat, another of the border (apparently, all the shops and things of note are on the Cambodian side) and then is. Similarly, there are almost no restaurants worth the effort to visit at night (there is an appeal to the sea 8 km on the main road). Unless you visit for a week or more stay at the hotel, eat at the hotel should not be a problem - we stayed 6 days / 5 nights and ate in the hotel 4 nights and enjoyed it. The restaurant was great to sit and ages to dive into the sea. Breakfast was typical fare, but as a Thai / Expat family that had something for us all and we had no complaints. Both the Italian and Thai food in the evening was tasty and good value.
Centara Chaan Talay Resort & VillasUpon arrival and parking, which are collected by a golf cart and taken to her room and check the parking is a short walk from the station so there are no traffic sounds. The golf cart service is always available to and from the station.

The service station was larger and the staff seemed to speak some English. Two examples: the first night my wife realized that he needed feminine products, the store closed before 8 pm (but only one store, an area with only a few commodities and refrigerator), but the reception staff prepared to be led by some to an officer on duty at night from Trat. The second was after 4 days of being there, and had not seen the man who checked us in, he saw my son and his name recalls the moment that was a nice touch.
Centara Chaan Talay Resort & Villas Koh Lao Ya ThailandThe room (family room with double bed) was excellent, and the enormous value of money in 3000 Baht including tax and breakfast. During a large living room with a fridge, a couch to sit comfortably 4 of us, TV, DVD (without renting DVDs that we used). Huge balcony. Bathroom was fine, but disproportionately small to the great room. Bedroom is large and comfortable - in particular, are lying in bed and reading the excellent natural lighting and with a great view of all trees and shrubs - and the beds were big enough for 2 adults and 2 toddlers sleep without any problem. Both bedrooms and lounge have air conditioning (a comment I read here said that the room was dead, but perhaps that is correct for the villas facing the sea).

Centara Chaan Talay Resort & Villas Koh Lao YaThe resort itself is very quiet - probably only a handful of people, except for weekends when there were a few of the Thais in Bangkok, but not busy - and just how we like. We always had the pool to ourselves, and often there was no single attractive on the beach.

Many things to do at the hotel, swimming, children's playground, water sports (canoes were very popular with customers), mountain bikes, etc. The beach is very clean and safe is in Koh Chang. For us there is only one disadvantage - the sand flies. I never saw them but me, very itchy bites that itch for days afterwards. The days I sprayed my legs with the sale of citronella spray in the room that I never had a problem. Surprisingly my children, who spent hours on the beach having fun chasing the catch and the abundance of small crabs on the beach, just recently.

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