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Koh Kood Resort

Place Goofy! Although the setting is ideal and the bungalows are great, the manager of the station and was an alternate (Nang), was responsible. Strange, strange man. He had the habit of karaoke entertainment with over dinner ...

Make sure all lights and air conditioner are working. Some of the construction of a new hotel next door ... a bit noisy for about 2 hours in the morning. All the work seems to stop around 10:00 am.

There are 3 resorts in the bay. This, below Siam Beach Resort on the eastern edge of the beach, (associated with kood Koh Siam Resort and Beach Resort in Koh Chang, all owned by one family), and Natural Beach Resort, and walking everywhere. Combine all 3 and has a great place to stay.

Koh Kood ResortFantastic beach down in Siam, very basic beachfront bungalows, friendly staff and good food in its restaurant.

It has beautiful beaches little bungalows, amazing staff and management and a fantastic bar / restaurant set up ... not only a great beach. We tended to hang out there for drinks, dinners, massages and snorkeling ... who received us with open arms and big smiles. We miss them a lot ... an incredible group of people.

We decided to stay in Koh kood Resort because it was much quieter than Natural, which had a nice little beach, decent, kayaks and bungalows are lovely.
Koh Kood ResortThis is not a polished application, but the grounds are well maintained, once checked, that was very lonely ... not all the services in the rooms.

Perhaps because the manager was not normal, the staff seemed a bit out of him. We were definitely more impressed with the staff in the other 2 ... especially natural tourist.

That said ... We greatly enjoyed our time in Koh kood. A beautiful, isolated, off-road terrain that has not yet been touched by large resorts, but we have heard is coming.

Koh Kood ResortWe met some people who have booked an all-inclusive packages for several days and was disappointed when I got there. We suggest you just book a night bungalow or 2 (breakfast included) to get your bearings, and then choose whether to stay longer or move on to Koh Ao Phra kood Beach Resort, (a gorgeous but litlle employed), or some of the resorts on Ko Mak (also looks like a beautiful island).

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