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Lazy Day the Resort Koh Lao Ya Thailand

Located in a superb location. almost all the bungalows have a stunning view of the beach. Unfortunately, the action is stop by their restaurant that serves food rather poor and only offered in the breakfast of instant coffee (having exhausted the tea bags for two days). However, the bungalows are clean and well maintained and the grounds are very nice.

One small grouse is that the owners of each add little more (for transport to port, internet access, etc.) and laundry took 2 days to deliver back. However, in general, we have enjoyed in the resort is very remote so it is recommended to transport unless you want to eat at the resort next door every day.

Lazy Day the Resort Koh Lao YaBeware of the low tide when the rocks reveal sharp, but not always placed outside the adventurous tourists who want to swing in the coconut water!

We decided to return to Koh Mak for the second time this year that we lost too surprising this island. This time we stayed at Lazy Day 8 days after experiencing a couple of not so good accommodation on the island. We booked the double bungalows, which was the cheapest accommodation in the station.

The room was well equipped with good taste and most important of the large and very comfortable. Since we were right in front of the beach away from the main road so there was no noise, you can sit outside your bungalow at night and hear the sound of the sea. Fantastic. The sea in front of the station was impressive, with white sand and crystal blue sea.

Lazy Day the Resort Koh Lao Ya ThailandThe owners were very kind and we can provide any assistance needed (boat, bus, visiting the islands), the only negative point I have to admit that it was the food, but no big problem at the end of the day. In 10 minutes we arrive at the main beach you can find some restaurants. We can not say that the food was excellent, but we had a romantic stroll around in the moonlight so worth it. We tried different accommodation in Koh Mak and we can say that is the best Lazy DayLazy Day the Resort