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Makathanee Resort Koh Lao Ya Thailand

We spent a week on the island of Koh Mak, and really felt the Makathanee was the best place there. Is set at the beach with a beautiful view, beach and the villas are very clean and comfortable. We had a large comfortable bed, hot water, shower, and huge windowrs terrace and ocean views. The staff of the Makathanee is what makes it really special. The staff is very friendly and courteous and will do everything to make you feel at home. The restaurant is okay, I will not say great, but they serve food that will not make you sick. My husband did get very, very sick of eating off the island, but he was not the Makathanee, and the staff helped us a lot when I was sick.

Makathanee Resort Koh Lao YaI am here rating, the hotel and very giving 4 stars, but I do not rate very highly Island Koh Mak. First, it is too isolated - you have to travel an hour by speedboat to get there (careful if you are sick of moving), and once on the island there is nothing. So if you need to buy a phone card, Exchage money, buy a shirt or flip flops, etc. - anything not available on the island. Sunscreen was $ 15 to $ 20, because we have to import all by boat. The food is cheap, but be careful where you eat, because my husband is very ill. ** There is no hospital on the island and no doctor, only 3 nurses, so do not go if you have a medical condition. When my husband was sick which led him to the clinic, which is ... empty. We had to wait some time yet to reach a nurse, and her medicine was rudimentary.
Makathanee ResortThere is also little to do on the island - you can walk around the island, but cycling is difficult because the roads are dirt roads broken. You can kayak, but other than sitting outside reading and there is nothing to do. We went snorkeling and had the worst experience of our lives because it is in this old boat that takes hours to get anywhere and they were so sick - I threw in all the 6 hours of travel - not worth it at all. The beach is not very good. It's nice to see, but it's Stoney and rocky, and if you go too far you can run in sea urchins. Nor is there any waves that makes the kind of boring beach.

At night there is only one place on the island that is open - Monkey Island - aging and after going once.
Makathanee Resort Koh Lao Ya ThailandAll in all I would not recommend this place as a honeymoon. Young couples need more interesting things to come out and do together, as shown, restaurants, museums, shops and Koh Mak is certainly not the .... and travel to other islands such as Koh Chang or Koh kooda costs about $ 70 round trip for 2 people for what they are trapped in Koh Mak.

But if you come to Koh Mak, in the Makathanee, definitely! Makathanee Resort