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Monkey Island Resort Koh Lao Ya Thailand

We had a very relaxing time at Monkey Island. We started in a 2 bedroom bungalow air conditioning, but had to move due to an error in booking 2 lowest bunglaows. Then opted to take the whole family 2 adults and 2 children under 7 years in one of the smaller bungalows with air. Lack of space was not a problem as ever is that in other to sleep. The bungalows are very good, not amazing, and a little dark, but as our time was spent at the beach or on the small terrace in a hammock that really rarely a problem. The beach was about 10 meters with loads of palm trees for shade. We spent 2 weeks doing a great littlle. Lunch at Monkey Island was the best Ao Kao beach, if you like Thai food, we have tried throughout the world several times.

Monkey Island Resort Koh Lao Ya There is a snorkel and dive boat, which is good, but not the best in Thailand. The children loved it and did not miss any of the pitfalls of a more commercial resort or island. We were very well attended by staff and all love to return.

Mono is the best resort in Koh Mak. We have been in the chimpanzee Hut, which is definitely the best offering this resource. The house is nice, clean and well located. The restaurant and bar is the average. The staff is friendly, while the owner is very rude. The island is beautiful, although very difficult to access. The negative point is the beach, which is very very dirty. If you want to go to Koh Mak, suggest a tip.

Monkey Island Resort Koh Lao Ya Thailand There is an English guy named Stuart who is living in a bungalow at 300 m from the Mono appeal. For a small boat for small and money to take you around the island you will discover very pleasant and unspoiled places.

The best part of this resource is not run by. Is just the best part of the beach, with palm trees leaning along azure water. The cabins vary greatly in size and view, so be sure to get a good one. Most of them are relatively well situated near the beach. Ok garden surrounding the cottage. Breakfast was adeqate.

The main problem of this resource - if you can call it that - is the lack of maintenance. Things fall apart, a few seem to care. What may have been a fun place, now seems dated and hippie-like. The beach bar / cafe that is best avoided, especially because of its small staff and a little careless hygiene regime. We were surprised to see so many kids hanging around the coffee guests of the beach, in what seemed an old hippie old-environment products, but the children were well cared for, apparently. There is a small children's pool attached to the bar.
Monkey Island ResortAfter renting bikes and visit some other resorts in this beautiful island, we realized that there were several resorts that were much better options. The lady who seems to run things on Monkey Island was very useful and capable, but she could benefit from some help in the operation of the most up to date. Internet is free.Monkey Island Resort Koh Lao Ya Thailand