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Shantaa Resort Koh Kood

My husband and I will never forget our honeymoon in Shantaa. The grounds and views are great. Upon arriving there was like entering a dream. The local staff is friendly and greeted us with a wonderful welcome drink. Our 10 days was the most relaxing and some of the best vacations I've had (and I've been around the world, including Africa, India, Europe and South America.)

Our "sweet" was modern, well-designed, private and beautiful. The bathroom was outdoors this tropical treatment. We want to make windows and doors open during the day to catch the breeze and let the room though. The cottages are surrounded by beautiful foliage to make you feel as if you were alone in the forest. The beds and linens were very comfortable. We loved the view from our private deck and the bed that was not necessary to go anywhere else! But we venture out sometimes ...

Shantaa Resort Koh KoodFor example, to eat! The food was absolutely incredible. Much better than even the best Thai restaurants we have dined at. We could not get enough of the amazing curry dishes and seafood, mango and sticky rice, sweet coconut and ice cream. All the ingredients are so fresh and tasty and that it expects each to eat lunch. And the view from the restaurant are so nice.

Also loved the tranquility of the grounds. Even when it seemed that the action is relatively complete (though not a great resource) is quiet and hardly notice another soul (with the exception of meals, but there is always the possibility that our food is served in our room). The "sweet" is set on a hill overlooking the water, so the beach was right outside our door.

Shantaa Resort Koh KoodOriginally I thought this was something we needed, but instead we have a beautiful view all around the grounds and water and were able to enjoy the privacy of being away from the few people who could enjoy the beach. The less than one minutes walk from the beach is perfect for us. The beach bar is pleasant to drink or snack while relaxing in the ocean. Oh, and plenty of shade is available on the beach, which is good for those who are unable to worship the sun! (Like my husband skin!)

You should not go to Shantaa (Koh kooda or) if you expect large amount of activities and nightlife. It is a virgin, and no tourist island. We relaxed and read all day, or enjoy a massage of 90 minutes each to Thailand two days or more, or just sit and enjoy the great views. We did rent a bike and tour the island one day. We went to other beaches, the local fishermen's wharf, and the waterfall.

Shantaa Resort Koh Kood One day he used the sea kayaks and explore other Shantaa near the coast where there are monkeys in the trees. We went on a snorkeling excursion, which was fun. And, because we thought we were going to stay in Koh Chang, we did a night trip to an elephant trek. Worthwhile, but not happy that we decided to stay in Koh Chang! It's so busy and crowded and not at all the paradise Shantaa is peaceful.

There is no group that is not a problem because the sea is so beautiful and warm, very pleasant to swim in. Also, do not have a pool, probably helped keep the atmosphere. I really can not think of other possible negative side, maybe if you do not like Thai food that does not enjoy food as much. But he never ate anything, but in Thailand and I can not tell how the spaghetti.

Shantaa Resort Koh Kood The waitstaff, as mentioned earlier, local, and sometimes was a little difficult to communicate with them, but never caused problems. You only have to be clear and concise when you ordered your meal or questions. Some people might not like the lack of AC during the day, but we loved the natural aspect of the use of the sea breeze to cool the room. We also wanted to not have a TV, but enjoy the CD / i-pod player in the room.

Overall it was a great value and we have even more than expected. We searched long and hard for the perfect honeymoon Shantaa and more than exceeded our expectations. We loved the owner and staff, grounds, food, our room, the views and the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. Our goal is to turn back as often as possible and as soon as possible!